Dog Agility Tips

Dog agility is a sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both speed and accuracy.

Putting BiomeXity through its paces, Lee Windeatt shares some winning tips on what makes a dog agility champion.

1. Reward
Rewarding the correct behavior seems obvious but, what we deem as a reward isn’t often the case. The dog has to really want the reward, i.e. toy, high value treat, etc. Verbal praise is rarely reward enough. Pay them well.

2. Limit Luring
This is tricky but we want to do as little luring as possible, what I mean by this is if we hold a treat above the dog’s nose and lead it into certain positions, then this is luring and the dog isn’t thinking about how it got the reward, it's just following the lure. Ideally we want to shape the behaviors and get the dog offering the behavior to get the reward.

3. Communication
Communicate with the dog the moment they are doing the correct behavior, I use the word “Yes” and try to reward as soon as possible.

4. Never Tell the Dog Off
If we use negativity, as in keep saying “No”, or harsh corrections then we are likely to shake the confidence of the dog, and the dog will stop trying.

5. Fun
We've got to train in a happy state. If we feel grumpy then don’t train. We need to be happy and to connect with the dog; interact and smile and be silly. Keep it fun and achievable.

6. Remember Nutrition Plays a Massive Role in Behaviors

Nutrition in children can really affect their behavior, mood, tolerance and cognitive development, and it's the same with dogs. Feeding a species appropriate diet as natural as possible, limiting toxins and chemicals. This is where BiomeXity comes in to keep their intestinal health in great shape.

"The latest studies are showing that over 70 per cent of our immune system is down to gut health so this is an area I concentrate on most to keep them in peak health which affects their mental performance in learning."


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March 10, 2022